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  • What is the meaning of a red flag with a yellow cross?
  • Which constructor has won the most World Rally Championships?
  • Why were races in the 1974 NASCAR Cup Series shorter than usual?

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Various flags are used in motor racing but they do not all have the same meaning in the various kinds of racing. Yellow flags generally indicate a hazard and the addition of red mean some added danger such as something on the track. The red flag with a yellow cross is not used at all in FIA competitions such as Formula One, WTCC or WEC, but it is used in NASCAR and IndyCar to tell drivers that the pit lane is closed.

The WRC started in 1973 and was won for the first and only time by Alpine-Renault. Until the early 1990s it was dominated by Italian team Lancia which won a record ten titles. The 90s saw Japanese teams Toyota, Mitsubishi and Subaru competing for the title while from 2000 to 2002 French constructor Peugeot won 3 titles adding to 1985 and ‘86 wins. Citroen won eight championships between 2003 and 2012. Recent titles have belonged to Volkswagen with 4 championships from 2013-16.

In 1973 OPEC started an oil embargo leading to a global oil shock. With a lack of supply and rising prices NASCAR responded by making the first 15 races ten percent shorter than usual. Racing great Richard Petty won the championship.

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